Inflatable Kayak


If you are ready to pilot your own craft on a whitewater adventure, Inflatable Kayaking might be exactly what you are looking for.  You can become the captain, 1st mate, and paddle crew of your own craft by jumping in one of our 1-person inflatable kayaks. 

Accompanied by one of our trained guides, you will paddle yourself down the wildest parts of the river and have a closer-to-the-water experience, as all the big river waves are even bigger when in your own river craft. 



Physical and fun:

We wait until the river has gone down, so as the river does not punish those choosing this alternative river craft. Waiting until a bit later in the season helps create a great, warm-weather experience for those looking for more adventure on the river. 
Please remember this can be a physically demanding experience, and you will probably go for a swim in the river, so make sure you are up for the adventure.

Perfect for bachelor parties, families, and group adventures, our Inflatable kayaking adventure is not to be missed!