Green River

Difficulty: Class III/IV

April – May

16 and up

Kanasket-Palmer State Park to Flaming Geyser State Park

Approximately 1 hour southeast of Seattle, WA
  1. River Highlights
    •1 hr. southeast of Seattle •Deep, green canyon •Class 3 and 4 •WA State Jewel •Only runs late April / early May
  2. Ideal Whitewater Rafting For:
    Adventure seekers, wedding parties, group outdoor adventures, corporate team building activities
  3. Highlights of the Magnificent Green River Gorge Rafting
    • Lush vegetation create a “hanging garden” along the walls of the gorge • Outrageous whitewater and amazing views available only from the river • 27 Class III and four Class IV rapids • Back-to-back famous rapids: Mercury, The Nozzle and Seeing God • Remarkable rock cliffs, waterfalls and wild whitewater rafting *** Please note the Green river Gorge is only runnable the last weekend in April and the 1st weekend in May each year due to limited dam releases from Howard Hanson Dam Trip includes a wetsuit, booties, PFD, and helmet for everyone. In addition, our garden fresh river wraps are served at the 1/2 way mark on the river.